The Eve Partnership

Specialist Recruitment for Women in Finance


The Eve Partnership
is a specialist search firm striving to help improve diversity in the workplace by ensuring that firms have access to the large pool of talented investment professionals who have taken career breaks and are looking to put their skills, knowledge and experience to good use.

We operate across the investment industry, with a particular focus on asset management and in finding research analysts, product managers and traders.  Roles offering flexibility or interim roles are particularly valued by our candidate base.  A considerable majority of our candidates is female.

Why Firms Use Us

Many investment firms are seeking to improve gender diversity across their businesses.

The Eve Partnership can advise upon some of the ways to achieve this, including:

  • Providing experienced maternity cover for front office roles
  • Providing job-share candidates to make up a skills shortfall following a flexible working request
  • Encouraging existing female talent to become mentors
  • Setting up internal networking groups

Many firms find that employing experienced and knowledgeable finance professionals on either a part-time or interim basis helps them to maintain their high levels of service when staff are on extended periods of leave or while searching for a permanent hire.

A temporary or part-time employee can ensure:

  • Focused coverage rather than trying to spread the workload across current employees
  • Smooth transition when the permanent employee is preparing for and returning from leave
  • The ability to meet flexible working requests from valued employees

Often a full time role can be covered in the interim on a part-time basis.  This is of particular benefit to firms that continue to have contractual obligations to keep positions open while permanent employees are on maternity or long term sick leave.  This solution can help firms manage their resources in a cost effective way.