The Eve Partnership

Specialist Recruitment for Women in Finance


Gender diversity is an increasing area of focus across the financial services industry:

  • Women occupy only a fifth of positions at Managing Director level in the City
  • “Gender diversity is a good proxy for more general cognitive diversity [which] leads to better problem solving and outcomes” – Anne Richards, Chief Executive, M&G Investments
  • Companies where more than 15% of senior management are women generated profits in 2013 that were 50% higher than in companies with fewer than 1 in 10 women in the top team*

This is a complex, long-term issue and there is not a quick, simple solution.  The Eve Partnership can advise firms about developing and retaining a pipeline of strong female talent, including mentoring, networking groups and offering flexible working patterns.  We can provide highly experienced investment professionals to cover interim resource gaps such as maternity cover.  This approach can be invaluable in helping to retain existing female staff.  It also has the added benefit to firms of allowing access to a flexible pool of talent for future use.


 * Credit Suisse study of 3,000 global companies