The Eve Partnership

Specialist Recruitment for Women in Finance


The Eve Partnership offers specialist recruitment services to investment firms.  We undertake bespoke searches to fulfil our clients’ particular requirements and have a network of experienced finance professionals who are looking to return to the City after a break or who wish to work flexibly.

Temporary Positions

Our goal is to help firms find cover where they find themselves under-resourced on a temporary basis.  This could be as a result of a front-office employee on maternity leave, long term sickness, sabbatical or where an interim solution is needed whilst carrying out a search for a key full-time member of staff.

Part-time Positions

We also specialise in finding suitable candidates for permanent part-time positions.  Often this can help firms to fulfil flexible working requests from valued employees.

Specialist Search Process

Our focus is on finding you the right candidate with the required knowledge, skills and experience who can make the required time commitment.

We are flexible in the approach we take for our clients as everyone’s needs are different, but placements typically involve the following:

1.  Initial consultation – to get a clear idea of what skills and experience you are looking for in a candidate, as well as the expected length of any temporary assignment.

2.   Short list – we will provide you with a list of candidates who we have already interviewed, who we believe are suitable for the role and meet any requirements that you may have.

3.   Contract negotiation – we help you to tailor any temporary or part-time employment offer to the successful candidate

4.   Ongoing support – we will continue to work with you to ensure a smooth transition